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Auto Insurance Coverage for Nonowned Vehicles

Auto Insurance Coverage for Nonowned Vehicles

At times a driver may have permission to use an automobile that he or she does not own. If a driver is in an accident while driving a non-owned car, the driver’s insurance policy will generally cover the non-owned vehicle.


Most automobile insurance policies define a non-owned vehicle, in part, as a private passenger auto, station wagon type, pick up truck, van, or trailer that is neither owned by nor furnished or available for regular use by the insured or any of the insured’s family members. Therefore, if a vehicle owner permits his or her car to be regularly available for use by a friend, than that vehicle would not be a non-owned vehicle under the friend’s insurance policy.


Some states permit insurance policies for operators. That is an automobile insurance policy that would cover the operator of a vehicle that is not owned by him or her against loss from liability for damages arising out of his or her use of that vehicle. The fact that operator policies exist does not relieve a vehicle owner from any state law requirement that he or she has to insure a vehicle owned by him or her.