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Nashville Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles provide an economical and enjoyable mode of transportation, particularly since the temperate Tennessee climate permits riders to enjoy the roads over the majority of the year. But lightweight, unprotected vehicles can cause riders to suffer serious injuries from accidents. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2010 alone, 136 deaths occurred in just those motorcycle accidents related to speeding even though the majority of the victims (125) wore helmets.

In spite of the potential severity of injury, public opinion can place an unfair stigma against motorcyclists pursuing compensation for injuries caused by other drivers. With nearly three decades of experience protecting the rights of accident victims, each Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Parker & Crofford knows how to dispel the myths to help ensure clients receive fair treatment for their injury claims.

Motorcycle accidents can lead to permanent injuries

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Parker & Crofford want all riders to remain safe by wearing appropriate helmets and other apparel designed to protect them from injury. But even motorcycle riders who wear protective gear can experience severe injuries. And many motorcycle injuries leave motorcyclists with permanent disabilities or severe scarring. Head injuries can range from concussions to traumatic brain injury that requires a lifetime of medical and personal care. Spinal cord injuries can cause partial or full paralysis. And even road rash, which can affect the skin and bones when crashes throw riders from their bikes, can permanently scar victims even after skin grafts and other lengthy in-hospital treatment.

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents

Even if many people believe motorcyclist driving behavior represents the cause of most collisions between motorcycles and larger vehicles, visibility actually represents the most common cause. Motor vehicle accidents commonly occur when the driver of a car or other motor vehicle fails to notice motorcycles—even when the biker follows all rules of the road. But defense attorneys often attempt to capitalize on false public perceptions of motorcyclists to defer liability claims against their clients.

Motorcycle Accident Defense in Nashville, TN

When you bring your issues to a motorcycle accident lawyer at Parker & Crofford in Nashville, you receive personalized attention as we respond to the unique issues associated with your accident. Our motorcycle accident lawyers enlist the aid of investigative specialists when needed to unravel the details behind the true causes for the accident. We know that strong evidence provides the best means to combat unfair public perceptions about motorcycle accident liability.

Our Nashville motorcycle accident lawyers also obtain all needed support from their network of medical experts to prove the extent of all injuries and itemize the full expenses our clients expect to face over the long term, or even for the rest of their lives.

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