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The degree of injury can affect available legal options

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2010 Tennessee roads saw 1,031 traffic fatalities, amounting to about three percent of the 32,885 U.S. fatalities for that year. While the majority of auto accidents do not cause fatalities, many cause serious, life-changing injuries to drivers and occupants of their vehicles.

Depending on the type and severity of auto accident injuries, victims often face significant long-term expenses related to their injuries. While a simple insurance claim cannot typically cover the full costs, the Nashville Accident Attorneys at Parker & Crofford carefully assess details of each situation before recommending and explaining the best legal options to their clients.

Moderate to severe personal injuries

Although minor injuries, such as cuts, contusions, or simple bone breaks occasionally benefit from the quick compensation offered by insurance claims, most policies have limits that prevent them from reimbursing the full expenses associated with many injuries. Even whiplash—which may not even reveal symptoms immediately after an accident—can cause extensive pain that keeps victims away from work and leave many with chronic pain. And many broken bones, as well as back and knee injuries, can also affect the ability to do certain jobs while also requiring victims to pay for someone to handle their day-to-day chores during a potentially-lengthy recovery period.

An experienced Nashville Car Accident Defense Lawyers at Parker & Crofford makes no assumptions about the full extent of the injuries of a client. We enlist the assistance of medical experts to learn the long-term prognoses of our clients. But even car accident injuries expected to result in long-term costs do not necessarily require a stressful courtroom trial. Our accident attorneys have extensive experience negotiating a full and fair settlement out of court.

Long-term and permanent disability in Tennessee

Spinal cord injuries and head or brain trauma represent examples of common auto accident injuries that often cause disability to victims. These injuries incur all expenses related to severe injuries, but they typically change the lives of victims by preventing them from returning to any form of employment, requiring special care, and creating emotional trauma for the entire family.

A Car Accident Lawyer at Parker & Crofford often recommends taking these cases before a jury to help victims pursue the full compensation needed to address a lifetime of needs. While trials represent potentially lengthy and stressful experiences for injury victims, we guide our clients through the legal process, thoroughly prepare them for each step, and respond promptly to questions and concerns along the way.

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