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Personal Injury Lawyers in Nashville

Nearly three decades of experience helping victims of negligence obtain compensation and justice

Any accidental injury can be painful and disrupt your life. Holding the parties responsible for your injuries accountable through a civil suit can secure the money you need to pay for you medical costs and other damages, but the process can cause substantial additional stress. Whether you sustain injuries in a motor vehicle or other accident, the Nashville, Tennessee personal injury attorneys at Parker & Crofford can provide the sensitive and skilled support you need and help relieve your stress.

Nashville Injury Lawyers – Serious legal support for victims injured in a wide array of accident types

The personal injury lawyers at Parker & Crofford in Nashville help individuals seek justice whenever they suffer injury due to negligence, including the following situations:

  • Auto accidents — Whether our clients need help receiving fair treatment from insurance companies or serious injuries from car accidents requiring full litigation in court, we have the skills and experience to help our clients achieve the compensation they deserve.
  • Motorcycle accidents — Bikers often sustain severe injuries, since a motorcycle provides little protection against a larger vehicle in an accident. However, motorcyclists with valid injury claims often face unfair treatment because of an adverse public perception of bikers. Each personal injury lawyer at our firm knows how to protect your rights in and out of court.
  • Truck accidents — Victims of trucking accidents can face major obstacles from powerful trucking companies and their lawyers. You need an attorney with a track record of success leveling the playing field to help you get the results you need.
  • Aircraft injury cases — Accidents related to aviation are relatively rare. However, individuals seeking compensation for their injuries need to navigate a maze of federal investigations and liability issues. They need personal injury attorneys with significant experience in this narrow area of the law.
  • Dangerous product incidents — Countless products add convenience to your life. However, when defective manufacturing, poor design or even inadequate instructions cause you to suffer injuries, a personal injury attorney from our firm can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.
  • Medical and nursing home negligence — Even the best doctors and other healthcare providers cannot absolutely guarantee treatment success, but every patient, including nursing home residents, has a legal right to receive a specific standard of care. If you or a loved one suffers injuries due to medical or nursing home negligence, you need to seek caring support from a law firm with experience in the complex area of medical malpractice.

Understanding the injury claims process in Nashville, Tennessee

When you sustain injuries caused by the negligence of other parties, you have three options to file a personal injury claim:

  • Insurance claims — In many cases, injury victims can turn to the policies of the liable parties to provide full compensation for the expenses related to their injuries. Particularly for auto accidents, when you file your own insurance claim you can expect to receive a full and fair settlement quickly and without undue stress. However, many things can go wrong. When claims adjustors cause extensive delays, make low settlement offers or completely deny valid claims, you need us to advocate on your behalf.
  • Out-of-court settlements — Negotiating a settlement with liable parties takes more time than filing a typical insurance claim. However, when policy limits prevent accident victims from pursuing full and fair reimbursement for their injury-related expenses, we often recommend settling out of court. This option can benefit victims with more serious injuries, who can expect to obtain compensation without excessive red tape more quickly than going to court.
  • Courtroom trials — The complex rules of civil procedure for Tennessee courtroom trials makes lawsuits the option of last resort for injury victims who want to put matters behind them. Still, for anyone who suffers life-altering, disabling injuries, medical and other expenses can potentially extend over a lifetime. In these cases, we often recommend our clients seek justice from the courts. Even though these cases may easily extend over a year or more, accident victims can receive the generous awards they need to pay their bills over the long term.

Clearly, each option offers certain advantages and disadvantages. At the law firm of Parker & Crofford, we take the time to fully assess the most appropriate options for your situation. Then we explain what to expect and the potential outcome for each option so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

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